Friday, November 14, 2014

The First Floor Plan

This is the first iteration of the floor plan we decided would be the basis of the design.  Many floor plans, reflecting may styles, came before it.  This one was the culmination of the conceptual design phase.

This was sketched in the car, somewhere between Phoenix and Los Angeles, on April 4, 2014 while we were driving to my niece's wedding.  We has rented a loft space downtown through Air BNB and discovered that it was owned by an architect who had a great library of FLW books.  One book was an exploration of the Usonian houses.  Using the book I was able to show Melissa what my limited ability to sketch couldn't convey.  "Look here," I would show her a photograph, "THAT is what I have in mind for the gallery."  Or, "That is what the clerestory windows will look like."

I've added graphics to highlight the floor plan because pencil doesn't scan well.